Ceramic Coatings

Protect Your Ride For Years

Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer with a high concentration of silica that protects your car for years. Traditional car wax is great however lasts only weeks and months compared to this high-tech coating that protects from UV rays, heat, rain, and environmental contaminants.

Coup/Sedan starting at $750
SUV/Trucks starting at $1000
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Ceramic Coating is hydrophobic, which means it keeps dirt, mud, and water from building up on your car’s paint surface and makes it easier to wash off.

UV Resistance

Everyone knows UV exposure over even a remotely short period of time can be damaging. Ceramic coating is UV resistant and protects your paint from losing it’s shine.


Unlike car waxes or traditional sealants that need to be applied every couple of weeks/months, ceramic coating can protect your car for up 7 years.


Want your car to shine like you just drove it off the lot? We all do. Ceramic coatings enhances the reflection of your car’s paint so it looks brand new.